Are you a manufacturer or a commercial company?

We are the largest manufacturer of wooden musical instruments, from Romania. Besides to the wide variety of instruments, we are also offering accessories for sale.

How long does it takes the products delivery?

Depending on stock availability, from one week to three month.

How long does the warranty last?

The warranty is provided by the end seller and lasts for two years, with the condition that the instrument is used and stored in accordance with the instructions in the warranty certificate accompanying each instrument.

What are the terms of payments?

For wholesalers full payment before shipment, and for OEM – 50% upon order confirmation and 50% before shipment.

Why we should buy from Hora S.A?

Because we are recommended by the following:

  • the tradition since 1951.
  • Because the musical instruments are made from 5 to 40 years of natural ageing wood, which give them a great stability and special acoustic qualities.
  • the latest generation CNC and Laser technology, alongside the traditional construction models of famous luthiers.
  • the instruments are built according to the famous luthiers models by skilled workers in compliance with the conditions of quality and safety at work.
  • the price-quality ratio is optimal, compared to the competition. 
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